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Delusions of Grandeur often Precede Utter Insanity

Demotivational Posters
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Hello, and welcome to a community dedicated to creating and sharing demotivational posters! In case you've never heard of them, demotivational posters are a dark, ironic twist on the trite platitudes one can find on many corporate "motivational" posters - you know, the ones that promote teamwork and creativity and enthusiam even as you rot away in your corner cubicle, plotting the downfall of your superiors. Instead of flowery sayings that hold little truth in the real world, demotivational posters tell it as it is, and with hilarious pictures to boot! You can find many examples on Despair, Inc, the original creator of these wonderful little gems.

If you're looking for some image or tagline ideas, check out the suggestions post.

1) All posters must go under an LJ-cut
2) Credit images not created by yourself
3) Credit source image if it is not from the public domain
4) Use the template provided here [PSD] [Copperplate Font]
5) Make sure to label not work safe posts and give additional warnings if needed
6) Be courteous and kind to other members. Take everything with a slice of humor. If you don't like a poster or find it offensive, the best solution is to hit the back button.

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